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Luke Meredith



My research includes an analysis of receptor usage from patient isolated HCV envelopes, with a goal of determining whether there are changes in receptor dependency as the virus adapts to the immune response. I am also interested in the mechanism by which HCV induces liver damage, the response of the virus to liver transplantation, and changes the cellular environment to enable efficient viral replication.

Apart from science, I love the great outdoors, and back home in Australia can generally be found most weekends either at the beach enjoying the surf, in the mountains hiking to the nearest waterfall, or hiding in a garage tinkering with cars!

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Contact Details
Luke Meredith

HCV Research Group
Institute of Biomedical Research,
School of Immunity and Infection,
College of Medical and Dental Sciences,
University of Birmingham, Birmingham B15 2TT UK
Tel: (44)121 414 8673
Fax: (44)121 414 3599
E-mail: Luke Meredith

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