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I'm a post doctoral Research Fellow in the McKeating - HCV research group at Birmingham university. Utilizing various imaging techniques such as FRET, TIRF, FLIM and more recently single particle tracking (SPT). My studies include monitoring the HCV receptor complex in various HCV permissive cell lines including polarized hepatocytes. We have recently identified that a 1:1 association of the HCV receptors CD81 and CLDN1 is necessary for HCV entry, by combining mutagenesis studies with FRET and protein modelling. We are currently trying to determine the modes of diffusion of specific HCV receptors necessary for HCV entry by using SPT, mutant receptors and the kinetics of HCV entry.

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Contact Details
Helen Harris

HCV Research Group
Institute of Biomedical Research,
School of Immunity and Infection,
College of Medical and Dental Sciences,
University of Birmingham, Birmingham B15 2TT UK
Tel: (44) 121 414 6845
Fax: (44) 121 414 3599
E-mail: Helen Harris

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