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David Mason


Dave M BBB I joined the McKeating group In March 2012, as a Marie Curie post-doctoral research fellow. My interests lie in the use of advanced light microscopy to study Host-Pathogen interactions. I’m currently studying the synergy seen during respiratory viral/bacterial Co-Infection.
Respiratory infections are one of the leading cause of disease and death in the UK and worldwide. While viral or bacterial infection alone can cause disease, secondary bacterial infection following a primary viral infection is often much more severe.
It has been suggested that (among other things) viral pre-infection alters the adhesion of bacteria to respiratory cells, promoting enhanced colonisation and a worsened disease state. My project aims to develop novel microscopic techniques to study the individual adhesion events of bacteria binding to virus-infected cells.
By better understanding this initial interaction, we hope to be able to manipulate it, and thus help to lessen the severity of secondary bacterial infection.

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Do you have a long commute? Do you want some quality science in your ears? Check out my favourite weekly podcasts : Dave supports the heritage and traditions of the British brewing industry through : Also check out :

When I’m not doing science in the lab, I’m often doing it at home. I’m fascinated by the complex chemistry that goes on during yeast fermentation that leads to the production of traditional ale. As a result, I’m a keen home-brewer and supporter of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), recently becoming Chairman of the Burton & South Derbyshire Branch. Bacteriology & virology at work, mycology at home!

My other passion is for the great outdoors, especially if I can get some rock climbing in. Having learnt to climb in the gyms of Toronto and having practised on Ontario limestone, I can occasionally be found at the Birmingham Redpoint or outdoors in the Peak District, messing around on the "sharp end".

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David Mason

HCV Research Group
Institute of Biomedical Research,
School of Immunity and Infection,
College of Medical and Dental Sciences,
University of Birmingham, Birmingham B15 2TT UK
Tel: (44) 121 415 8673
Fax: (44) 121 414 3599
E-mail: David Mason
Skype: david.n.mason

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