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The HCV Webserver is run on a Raspberry pi - 2 watts power, $40 complete!

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Viral Hepatitis Research Group


A page of (hopefully) useful links.

HCV Information

Healthline Infographic on HCV

CRUKWhy is HCV important?

JandFHCV New Drug research (formerly Janis and Friends) a patient's eye view of HCV.


A list of all therapies for HCV in development

               World Hepatitis Alliance


Our Lab

  • Our publications as an e-book UPDATED to include 2013.
    MobiKindle format

    or EPubEPub (iPad, Android etc.) format.
  • UBIRAMost of our papers are now also available via the University of Birmingham Research Archive

    Our Neighbors

    MRC Centre

    MRC Centre for Immune Regulation (downstairs)


    Centre for Liver Research (across the corridor)


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