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Jane McKeating Research Group - self updating publications list from Pubmed

The self-updating h-index for the group shown on the right (not in IE9) uses the free "Google Scholar" database, and therefore has several errors (for example it ignores all those publications where Jane's name is without an "A", and counts several publications twice, giving the wrong total). If you have a subscription, Web of Knowledge or Scopus give more accurate results.

The h-index is the number of papers with more than that number of citations (so "h" is where the rank of the paper matches the number of citations that paper has). So for our group there are over 70 papers with more than 70 citations.

Don't get too hung up on these numbers - apparently Richard Feynman has a h-index of 37, Albert Einstein - a paltry 44! This tells me everything I need to know about this metric.

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